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Modesto Lopez

Bankruptcy is All We Do

Over 25 years Bankruptcy Law Experience


If you have financial problems the Bankruptcy Law might be the solution. You could be facing any or many of the following:

  • Are you behind in your home or car payments?

  • Are your credit card balances so high you can never pay them off?

  • Has your vehicle  been repossessed or is your house in foreclosure?

  • Is your credit score bad and you would like to begin the process of repairing your credit?

  • Are your creditors constantly calling you, causing stress?

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If your solution is bankruptcy relief you need to contact a competent and experienced attorney for a consultation. These are my credentials as a bankruptcy lawyer:

  • Over 25 years bankruptcy law experience
  • Practice limited to Bankruptcy Law only
  • Over 2 thousands petitions filed during that time
  • Former member of the “Local Rules Advisory Committee” for the Middle District of Florida

(Where there are 3 Bankruptcy Courts and Divisions: Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville). Judges for those 3 divisions appoint about 3 lawyers for each district to serve for a 4 year term with the purpose to propose any necessary changes to the Local Rules for the Middle District of Florida. Those appointed lawyers must have earned the trust of the judges based on their excellent reputation and experience.

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5 Ratings

“Making the decision to proceed with bankruptcy was difficult for me and, as a result, I took me 4 years before moving forward Modesto Lopez & Gloriana Lopez were more than patient and understanding. Saying thank you falls short of the amount of gratitude I feel for this law firm and Modesto Lopez. 5 stars…definitely not enough! Service above the rest!”  W. Rodgers

“Este es el major abogado de bancarrota en mi opinion. Si quieres que el mejor abogado trabaje en tu caso, este es el lugar. Modesto Lopez es muy conocedor y experimentado en el campo de quiebras o bancarrota. Desde la primera conversacion predijo correctamente que anticipar en mi caso. Su experiencia me dio confianza para seguir con el. El es muy solidario y maneja el procedimiento sin problema. Me impresiono no solo con su profesionalismo, sino tambien con el arte de la comunicacion como un abogado excepcional”.  Carlos Cordoba

“Excellent attorney makes the procedure very easy. He is always in contact with you; will not hesitate to answer questions. I will give him Modesto Lopez 10 stars instead of just 5”. W. Rios

“Lo que caracteriza un buen abogado es seriedad, puntualidad, respeto a su trabajo, honestidad e informar a su cliente a que se va a enfrentar. El Lcdo. Modesto Lopez con mas de dos decadas de experiencia en casos de bancarrota tiene y mantiene todas esas cualidades. Recomiendo altamente su excelente profesionalismo“. Vicente Felix

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When you contact the Law Office of Modesto Lopez this is what you can expect:

  • Direct contact all the time with Attorney Lopez from the time of your first call or email until the case is closed. Unlike most legal offices, you will not be talking with a legal assistant or paralegal; only with the lawyer.
  • Unique personal service: Attorney Modesto Lopez will give you his mobile phone number once you contact him for a free initial consultation.
  • Professionalism and efficiency.

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